I am so fortunate to practice what I love doing.  I started in the beauty industry while I was still in high school.  Looking back I guess that I always knew I wanted to style hair, I remember my friends mom's telling them to hide their dolls because I would end up cutting and styling there hair. After years of assisting and then working at various salons I ended up opening my own salon where I could service my clientele with the attention and respect they deserve.  I have since acquired space within a salon near our previous location to continue providing superior service.   I continue to grow and evolve and furthering my skills attending classes at various Shows Conferences and Academies such at the International Hair Shows in London and Vegas And NYC and Vidal Sassoon Academy.

We make sure that every client feels at home and special whir your are with us.   


  • "Treatment looks great on my sister, but would like to add that it gave her dandruff (some people that get Keratin treatments done do have this problem). If this happens to you just put organic coconut oil all over your scalp for one or two days max. It will completely get rid of the dandruff. Just a tip."

    Lilly R.

  • "Im back and forth between NYC AND DC and knew there are only a few good salons to choose from for Keratin treatments. and my sorority sister suggested this place and it was great! I will be back great for mixed raced hair!"

    Khorri O.

  • "I would just like to reiterate my love for Will and Miguel. They do a fantastic job, every single time. I gave cut and color a shot along with my keratin this time and was super happy (and I'm one picky customer!) I would highly recommend these guys to anyone."

    Meghan M.


Miguel Lopez

Located in Serenity Salon,

458 West Broadway 2nd Floor,

New York, NY 10012

Phone. 212.343.2643